Web Designer & Graphic Artist

Seeking a graphic/web design position in a company where I can utilize my graphic and creative skills to produce quality products. A versatile digital media designer with 17 years in print and web advertising experience that communicates clearly and effectively. Strong foundation in cutting edge design principals, advertising, and digital/web design.


ESI Enterprises, Inc.

Graphic Designer - November 2014 - Present

Designed new on-brand visual elements to effectively convey concepts and messaging. Maintained consistent use of graphic imagery in materials and other marketing outreach. Developed design deliverables that elevated, differentiated and functioned on-brand and on-strategy. Collaborated with vendors to ensure style consistency with other marketing materials. Generated computer graphics and page-layout software, graphic elements and photography. Designed advertisements, tradeshow banners and signage from concept through completion. Updated computer graphic files using graphics software programs.

Romper Graphics, LLC

Graphic /Web Designer - January 2009 - Present

Ownership and operation of a freelance design firm that provides identity/logo design, print and web design for nonprofit organizations, private business and recreational groups. Previous projects include: L.A. Master Plumbers, Clogs and Leaks Plumbing, Azteca Training Center and Yeshua Glow Ministry.

AT&T Yellow Pages and

Graphics Designer 3 - October 1996 - April 2013

Work closely with sale department and representatives to create artwork for YellowPage advertisements. Responsible for producing, correcting and updating banner advertisements used on Communicate and works together with customers and sales representatives to produce advertisements. Able to work under tight sales deadlines and multi-task with multiple simultaneous projects. Responsible for monitoring productivity, quality, turnaround and meet customer requirements for these areas.


Adobe PhotoShop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Fireworks

Adobe Flash




Platt College - Cerritos, CA (1995-1996)
Certificate in Graphic Design.
Graphic design program that provides balanced program of instruction necessary to succeed in the graphic design industry. Fundamentals of graphic design, layout design, typography, Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkExpress, and Adobe PageMaker.

Career College Consultants - Eagle Rock, CA (2013-2014)
Certificate in Computer Graphics / Web Design.
The Computer Graphics & Web Design course provides the knowledge, skills, experience and abilities needed to design and construct web pages, create animation, adjust colors or images, create complicated illustrations, and add effects to images. Instruction in Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Flash, HTML, CSS, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Adobe Fireworks.


• Prepress

• Booklets

• Logo Design

• Stationery

• Typography

• Web Design

• Flyers

• Finished Art

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